When the Snow Melts!

When the snow melts, different people will have different perceptions of what this means to them. Skiers and snowmobilers may be disappointed that another season is over. Runners and hikers may be excited of clear paths on which to tread. Dog owners on the other hand brace themselves for their yearly reality – all of the poop that has been hiding in their backyards under the snow. Trust me, this can add up. After a few months of sending Fido to the backyard to make some deposits the landmines are plentiful.

As I hold my nose and clean this up to keep the results off of my shoes, it struck me. For many business owners there might be a lot of ‘poop’ that has been covered up by something for a period of time. Something has been keeping these matters from being dealt with. Perhaps it was another project. Maybe it was time of year. Or it could be that you knew it would need your attention, but at a later time.

Take a minute to reflect and think what spring cleaning for your business may involve?

  1. What has been hiding beneath the surface that needs to be cleaned up?
  2. What projects need your attention?
  3. What is your business version of an undesirable clean up that cannot wait any longer?

When we work with clients on business health and growth there is an inherent focus on what is next, what is new and the positive steps we will make. Along with this we cannot ignore our “dirt”. Sometimes before we can move forward we need to do some cleaning.

We have been involved in many discussions of businesses being positioned to move forward and grow. Goals were set and plans made with an understanding of the map needed to get there. There have been times in these projects where the first step was to simplify our approach in the short term – things needed to be a bit boring. We needed to clean up the grass before the family soccer game, if you will, or otherwise risk stepping on the landmines. Over the years, we have seen the clean-up happen, the continued development of the required foundation and now we are at a point where the discussions of progress are becoming more tangible.

This isn’t always the easiest exercise – and definitely sometimes unpleasant – but sometimes in order to get your business where you want it to go (and stay clean in the process) the first step is to address something below the surface.