Super Bowl Season & Missteps

At the time of writing this, the Super Bowl is a few weeks away. Some casual football fans will immediately ask about who is performing in the Halftime Show? And many Halftime discussions end up involving Janet Jackson of course – yes that incident. The “wardrobe malfunction” that happened with Justin Timberlake.

What is important now is not that this happened, but in what has happened since then. The Halftime Show has been ultra-conservative. There has been a parade of classic rock and other relatively ‘safe’ entertainers. Nothing wrong in these choices necessarily but the incident definitely led to a pattern of decisions. Janet Jackson has all but disappeared. Timberlake, on the other hand, addressed this somewhat, by distancing himself from the incident and focusing on his career as an entertainer (and now family). Remember that he dated someone responsible for a song titled “Oops, I did it again” – and he clearly learned not to let a similar incident happen involving him again.

So why am I talking about this in a business context? There will be malfunctions, regrettable choices and missteps that will happen when working ON and IN your businesses. The important part for you is what happens next – how will you deal with these missteps? Think of a time when a mistake was made. What was the impact? How was it dealt with? How did this frame your next actions in both the short term and the long term? You may have been the Halftime Show and gone ultra-conservative vowing to never take such risks again. You may have been Janet Jackson with a misstep signaling the beginning of the end. Or maybe you were Justin Timberlake (how many of you just thought “I wish”?) and moved on, continued to create and kept pursuing your goals?

Maybe you have not yet encountered these obstacles. But you may in the future and how you choose to respond will be a key to shaping the future of your business and family. One thing that I admire about so many business families and entrepreneurs is their resolve and their willingness to take chances. Great things have been accomplished by doing this. Hopefully mistakes will be met by you with a sharpened focus from the learning opportunity. As some people say – you win or you learn.

If missteps can happen during the most watched television event of the year they can happen to you. What’s next is your call. Don’t cause a concussion by beating yourself up about it. When you get the ball back, make some forward progress.