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The Healthy Approach™ guides you through a proven strategic planning process. A healthy business needs a thorough financial approach. That is why Skrypnyk Group has created a customized strategic process that guides you through the key stages of assessing your financial health and determining the right strategies for success. We call it The Healthy Approach™.

The Healthy Approach™ combined with The Business Health Profile™ bridges the gap between strategy and financial analysis to help you achieve your vision.

We provide business owners the ability to test their strategy in real time to assess risk and guide decision making.

  • Discovery & Vision - We learn about your business, your vision and your goals. We use our unique Business Health Profile™ to assess the financial health of your business operations.
  • Strategy Development  -  We create a preliminary financial model based on the Discovery and Vision. Together we develop a strategy and test the assumptions that are at the root of the model.
  • Identify & Plan  -  In partnership we identify the key factors essential to a successful plan. We test the impact of possible variances to the plan and determine how to deal with them if they arise.
  • Action & Execution  -  We summarize the key vision and success factors of the strategy, providing you with a clear course of action and confidence to execute your plan.
  • Monitoring & Review  -  To ensure that your vision and goals are achieved, we meet together throughout the year to review the actual results of operations and compare them to

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